A practical approach to change

For those new and curious about SCT, as well as those with previous SCT experience

Foundations of Systems–Centered Training

Led by Ray Haddock & Lotte Paans

  • The group will learn about the fundamentals of SCT theory, practise skills and work as an experiential group. Please assess yourself to ensure this is a good time for you to participate in an experiential training.
  • We will use functional subgrouping to explore differences instead of reacting to or scapegoating them.

For those new and curious about SCT, as well as those with previous SCT experience

Making Work Roles Work (for us and our organisations)

Led by Rowena Davis with Janneke Maas

  • This interactive, experiential workshop is for people wanting to explore their energy and goals for their work roles, learn how system dynamics affect us all and how we can influence these dynamics. We’ll use SCT theory and methods to develop our workshop system and practise applying SCT in outside work contexts. We hope to build an open learning climate.
  • This workshop changes every time, so if you’ve been before, you’ll have a new experience.

I just wanted to say thank you for the training week in York. It made a difference. I’ve been back to work for a very busy week. I was afraid that all this busyness would make me forget new learnings very quickly. It has luckily been the opposite. The training week, and the way we altered between being in the process and stepping away from it to analyse or share, was very valuable to me. I’ve managed to keep that balance over the last week of work. I’ve been able to tilt my head a bit to see further, thanks to a new perspective.
Participant in 2023.

Places limited, so sign up soon!

For members of SCTRI who have met the learning goals for foundation training

SCT Intermediate Skills Training

Please note, this training starts on Sunday, 8 September 2024, 14.00-17.00.

Led by Juliet Koprowska with Ros Wood

  • In this intensive training we’ll deepen our understanding of a Theory of Living Human Systems that underpins the SCT protocols, and practise applying them with others. The training includes videotaped skills practice and review.
  • By application only. If you are considering this step, contact Juliet Koprowska juliet.koprowska@sctuk.org for an application form. Applications due by 30 June 2024.

For members of SCTRI who have completed Intermediate Skills or beyond

Leadership Development Training

Led by Annie MacIver with Patricia Aerts

Curious about taking up leadership from an SCT perspective?


  • Learning to see, understand and influence what is happening in systems so they more effectively meet their goals.

For whom:

  • Leaders, Members, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Clinicians and Educators.


  • Participants will bring leadership challenges from their work contexts. Together we'll use a Theory of Living Human Systems and SCT methods - to formulate hypotheses, plan and implement leadership interventions and test the impact.
  • Want to explore if this fits your developmental step?

Questions or curiosities? Contact Annie MacIver Annie.maciver2@icloud.com or Patricia Aerts. patricia@top-teamwerk.nl

This training brought new insight about how system dynamics affect my role as a leader.  I understand how seeing and influencing context is crucial and now have a framework and tools to support creating an environment where teams are more freed up to work on their task goals.

For members of SCTRI who have completed Intermediate Skills or beyond

Container Training (in the Foundation Group)

Led by Ray Haddock & Lotte Paans with Annick Nevejan

  • Work as a container to contribute to the group’s development by using your experience - while being aware of the phase of development of the group. Participants will work in the Foundation group, explore containing and learn to use their own experience to support the work of the group. During dedicated time with their trainer they will reflect on their contributions in relation to the phase of development of the group.
  • Before registering, contact Annick Nevejan (anevejan@xs4all.nl) and Ray Haddock (rayhad@doctors.org.uk) to discuss criteria.
  • Applications due by : 7 July 2024

Large Group – all members work together at the end of each day

Led by Ray Haddock with conference trainers

  • The Large Group brings the whole community together at the end of the day to explore the conference experience using functional subgrouping to allow the system dynamic to emerge. It is an opportunity to experience the application of SCT methods and techniques in the large group setting. The dynamics and potential of the large group are crucial to our understanding of social forces at a different level from family and small group settings. The hypothesis we are testing is that these forces are similar (isomorphic) to those operating in larger social systems, and the experience in this group enables us to relate better to these larger contexts.