Our goal

Our goal is to make Systems-Centered theory, methods and techniques accessible to a wide range of people, organisations and communities. Through this we aim to build inclusive, resilient and creative systems that can resolve conflicts and use differences as resources for growth and development.

Our values

  • Respect for all living systems, and for the dignity and worth of all human beings, recognising our similarities and valuing our diversity and our differences
  • Commitment to develop a systems-centered environment where differences are discriminated and integrated
  • Empowering all system levels to take up their authority in context
  • Organisational integrity: communicating thoughts, feelings and concerns openly and hearing others’ differences
  • Transparent decision-making using the core SCT method of functional subgrouping to achieve consensus
  • Using feedback to inform us of the validity of our theory and the effectiveness of our interventions
  • Commitment to work progressively in an environmentally sustainable way


Join a community of people working to learn and use Systems-Centered & SAVI methods. Develop and influence the direction of the organisation and discover more.