A practical approach to change

SCT York is happening, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, not in York itself this year.

Instead we are holding five days of online training.

14 – 15 September 2020

Foundations of Systems–Centered Training

For those new and curious about SCT, as well as those with previous SCT experience.

Led by Rowena Davis & Madeline O’Carroll

  • The group will learn about SCT theory, practise skills and work as an experiential group. We will use functional subgrouping to explore differences instead of reacting to or scapegoating them. Please assess yourself to ensure this is a good time for you to participate in an experiential training.
  • Places limited, sign up soon!

SCT Intermediate Skills Training Part I

For those who have met the learning goals for foundation training.

Membership of SCTRI is required for intermediate training.

Led by Ray Haddock & Juliet Koprowska

  • Members will practise applying SCT protocols with others and learning the theory that each protocol implements in a given context. This online training is Part I. Part II will be offered as a separate event at a later date. Both parts are necessary to meet the curriculum requirement for Intermediate Skills Training.
  • By application only. If you are considering this step, contact Ray Haddock rayhad@doctors.org.uk to discuss criteria and application process by 31 July 2020.

Working with Survivor Roles in SCT

For members working at Intermediate level.

Led by Mike Maher

  • The group will work with inner-person survival roles that emerge in the authority phase of system development. We will practise using the basic role protocol to undo these roles and place the experiences that emerge in a theoretical context, using the person-as-a-system map to guide our explorations.
  • Participants should be able to subgroup, explore their roles in depth while containing the emotional experience that this work generates and staying related to the context.
  • By application to Mike Maher: see attachment

Systems-Centered Leadership: What it is, How we do it and What it offers

For members who have completed Intermediate Skills Training and beyond.

Led by Fran Carter & Annie MacIver

  • This training explores how leaders, consultants, clinicians, educators or members can take leadership to build an SCT context. We will focus on putting theory into practice to inform leadership interventions when building an SCT system.
  • Participants will practise: getting started, monitoring communications at the boundary and introducing functional subgrouping, while using actual case examples.

16 – 18 September 2020

Large Group

Open to everyone interested in applying SCT in a large group context, and can be taken in combination with any of the two-day workshops or as a stand-alone.

Led by Susan Gantt, Fran Carter & Ray Haddock

  • The goal of this large group is to develop the inter-person system using functional subgrouping so that the large group can emerge itself and what it contains as a social context with both survival and transformational goals.